25th November 2012:
Revised photo page adding embedded Flickr slideshow (using flickr's provided code which fails W3C validation.) Removed Bookmarks page due to majority of linked sites no longer being on-line.

7th October 2012:
Minor updates to Radio experience and Radio Regen pages.

6th October 2012:
Minor updates to Radio Cavell page.

17th June 2012:
Webdesign page updated with new thumbnails, revised text and extra examples. About Me page updated with current information. More notes added to top of pages with inacurate outdated information, all remaining pages checked and further minor code tweaks to tidy up invalid HTML, all pages should now validate correctly.

29th April 2012:
Some notes added to top of pages with inacurate outdated information, along with minor code tweaks to tidy up invalid HTML.

22nd April 2012:
Edits to Airchecks Page to add Flash based audio players. Radio index page updated to better reflect current poistion. Some notes added to top of pages with inacurate outdated information.

8th January 2012:
Edits to Audio Production Page to add Flash based audio players and removed broken links. Minor stylesheet edits.

2nd January 2012:
Front page updated with revised wording and pictures, minor layout tweaks across the site.

21st August 2010:
Minor design and html tweaks across many pages.

21st April 2010:
Phil.Edmonds.net design v3 launched - new template added to all pages.

17th January 2010:
Tweaks to restore missing graphics and broken links.

8th July 2009:
Web-site back on line on different server.
Brief update on front page - and appologies, some of the pages / graphics / links are broken!

Many parts of 2008 and 2009 :
Site off-line - see my rant on the front page!

22nd August 2004:
Radio -> Airchecks new audio of MFM, City FM, Piccadilly Gold, Atlantic 252, Fortune 1458, Kiis FM, Soul Nation and The Super Station added.

15th August 2004:
Personal -> Photos -> Oldham Community Radio Photo Gallery added.
Radio -> Airchecks new audio of Capital FM, Invicta FM and Essex FM added.
Structure of site sections revised to allow better future expansion.
Internet section added.
Internet -> Web Design Page added.
Radio -> Audio Production page added.
Internet -> Web Design page added.
Contact Page revised.
Credits and Copyright page revised.
Section Index Pages revised.
Interact section removed.
Oldham Web Ring page removed.
Creative Services page removed and content moved to other pages.
Site Search removed as it was not very effective.

18th June 2004:
Personal -> Photos. New Galleries, Shaw Rd DJ Apparence, Radio Regen Social events, OCW FM and Partnership FM added.

17th May 2004:
Personal -> Creative Services. New Production Demo 2004 added, new web site productions featured.
Personal -> Photos. Gallery design changed. Salford MA Course and London Eye pictures added.

27th April 2004:
Home Page -> Updated with new main photograph.
Radio -> Radio Regen page added.
Radio -> RSL page added.
Radio -> Other Experience page updated based on old Radio Experience Page.
Radio -> Radio Cavell page changed and updated.
Radio -> Extreme FM page updated.

24th August 2003:
Radio -> Airchecks - New audio of Rock FM, Piccadilly Radio, Calderdale Sound and The Revolution added.
Radio -> Experience - Dead link to Radio Latics Web Site removed.
Personal -> Bookmarks - Updated with new links.
Personal -> Photos - Added note about Mozilla incompatability of photo gallery - to be fixed soon.

10th July 2003:
Personal -> Photos - New design Photo Gallery index page, plus new WFM and Extreme FM Pictures.

3rd July 2003:
Radio -> Radio Cavell - Revolution news story audio clip re-encoded in MP3 format.
Radio -> Airchecks - Added audio clip of City Fm / David 'Kid' Jenson.

1st July 2003:
Site Search Engine added - more minor tweeks to this over coming weeks.
Radio -> Experience Page - brought upto date.
Radio section some new graphics added
Radio -> Radio Cavell Page - notes added that most new information now to be found on the Radio Cavell official site.
TV -> Avid Editing Page links to on-line video added and minor changes.
Personal -> Creative Services - new audio and website featured + tidy up of page.
Personal -> Oldham - section re-introuduced with taster of new picture feature.
Personal -> Bookmarks - revised.
Interact -> Oldham Webring - minor revisions.
Front Page - updated my age.

Lots more audio and photographs are due to be uploaded soon.

1st January 2003:
Classic airchecks of MFM, Rock FM and Key 103 added to Airchecks page.

21st December 2002:
New audio on the Creative Services Page.
Seasons Greetings to all visitors!

17th October 2002:
Updated 'About Me' with detailed information and pictures.
Updated 'Radio Experience' page with details of my Radio Regen job.

13th October 2002:
Updated 'About Me' and other pages updated with reference to my new 'day job' at Radio Regen.
'North East Manchester Licence revisited' page within Radio section launched.

12th September 2002:
Phil's 'Production Bits' audio demo added to Creative Services Page.
New clips on Airchecks Page.

6th September 2002:
Minor 'tidying' correction of typos and coding errors.

10th August 2002:
Sample of Latics Live ID's added to Creative Services Page.

3rd August 2002:
Photo Gallery updated.
Creative Services Page re-introduced.
Air Checks page added - more content to come.

10th June 2002:
Yes it's been a long time since the last update, due to lots of work on my other websites.
Front Page updates.
Oldham Webring Updated to reflect the new webring.org structure.
Channel M page minor updates.
Bookmarks minor changes.
Avid Editing Credits Updates.

28th November 2001:
Photo Gallery layout updated.

25th November 2001:
New Design web site launched.