In the past I have been interested in the post production side of video, and have gained quite a bit of experience in this area. It must be noted that other than assisting with the occassional 'You Tube' video I have not done a lot of work in this field for a while. As such the information in this section of my website will be some what dated. It has been left on-line as a reference source. Please pay attention to the 'last updated' date in the header of the pages.


AVID Editing
I have done extensive work with the AVID nonlinear video editing system, read about what programmes and videos I have edited.


In my 'From the Archive' section is a selection of information which has been on my website for a long period of time, these pages are not being actively updated. They are still on-line to provide an interesting insight into the past and to provide a reference source. Apart from being placed in the new site design 'template' the content is as originally published on this site.

Channel M

Channel M
Channel M is a local terresitiral television service for Manchester. It is one of the first handfull of 'TV RSL' stations to go on air. Previously known under the name 'Manchester Student TV'.


Manchester Student Television
Channel M started it's days as a project known as Manchester Student Television. By a delayed on-air date of the 15th November 1999 the name had changed to Channel M, but things didn't go smoothly.