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'Storm FM' last broadcast during September and October 1997, at the start of the new academic year. During this period you could read my 'Storm Fm Diary' each week on my Storm Fm page. With our 1998 broadcast about to start, you can read my thoughts on the 1997 broadcast.


The Phil Edmonds Storm Fm Diary.

Coming up in this section you will be able to read my own personal views on 'Storm Fm' and find out what I got up to personally. You can always check out the Storm Fm Web Page to get a better view of what the station is like as an whole.

Week ending 21st September: Pre-broadcast week.
To say the least this was a very busy week for the entire team working at Storm Fm. The week started with a barley finished studio, our new soundcraft desk, Mini-disc machines and CD Players all to be wired up added to this the all important transmitter to rig up. Personally I played both a small, but important role during this week, as part of the team I could put my previous experience mainly of the technical side of studios to use. A lot of hard work and a few set backs later saw the station finally on the air and up and running on Midnight on Sunday. Though I wasn't in the studio at the start of the broadcast there was a great sense of achievement at a project which has been long in he pipeline, much longer than I have been involved, had finally happened.

Week ending 28th September: Broadcast Week One.
The dream comes alive, we're on the air and response from the public is favourable. The week starts with a visit from a film team from BBC TV's 'North West Tonight' and the week also saw pieces in the 'Manchester Evening News.' Naturally some presenters where nervous to start off with, but also some great ideas made it to the air. Monday's evenings programme 'Manchester's Finest' a spotlight on local bands highlighted the feel behind the scenes as an whole. I was engineering the pre-record of the show early evening for transmission at 11pm, presenters and researchers not 100% sure of how the broadcast will stand and the odd technical glitch in coming to terms with the studio equipment. Highlights of the broadcast week has to include a live OB from Salford University's Freshers Fair and 'Perry Panche's Sunday Morning 'Music For Pleasure' programme. The end of the week saw me registering for the second year of my degree course, now there's lectures to juggle with Storm Fm.

Week ending 5th September: Broadcast Week Two.
With the majority of the station staff settling into the broadcast the week appeared to be a time to sit back and analysis just how the radio station sounded and a lot of discussion almost the members on the good and bad points. The most time consuming part of this week as far as I am concerned is an overnight broadcast Thursday night into Friday morning. Working with a part of the afternoon team know as 'The Collective' a six and half hour broadcast from 1am till seven thirty and the breakfast show was what was required. To say the least we where learning as we went along as to how to do nighttime radio, overall very enjoyable but a few changes are in the pipeline for next weeks show. The only down side with overnight radio is the sever lack of sleep especially when you have got a full day of lectures on Friday - needless to say Saturday was a bit of a non event for me. But saying that the experience was fun and should be better next week.

Week ending 12th September: Broadcast Week Three.
The end is in sight now, a prospect which many station staff are looking forward to. This sound a bit strange but you get to the stage where you just need a rest from all the hard work. As far as I was concerned my work at the station was fairly uneventful. All of the technical problems had more or less been ironed out, apart from the ever reoccurring complaint of bad reception in some parts of Manchester. This is due to city centre Manchester's tower blocks getting in the way and reducing our signal. However all the presenters and staff knew what they where doing by this stage. Another strange thing as far as this week goes was on Thursday night - being the station official launch party.

Week ending 19th September: Broadcast Week Four.
Well it's all over now, but how about the last week. One problem with four weeks broadcasts are always as soon as you've built up a listener base it's time to go. Added to this Monday only programmes telling you it's the final edition and you've barely finished three weeks of the broadcast. On the other hand final editions of programmes does give you an excuse to go down the pub! Sunday night saw the end of the broadcast with what seemed like a hundred people all crammed into the studio one have have their final say. Though I wasn't at the studio myself on Sunday night the broadcast sounded like fun. All that remains now is to shift a lot of the gear out of the studios, as it seems likely that come our next RSL in February will will have a brand new home.

Week ending 26th September: Post broadcast week.
This week as been a time to actually look back over the four weeks and think about what was good and bad about the station. On the whole I think the feeling is positive and we have learnt a lot of lessons on how to do things better during our next RSL. There is a slight tinge of sadness seeing the Storm Fm studios and offices stripped of equipment and silent and empty. You finally realise that the broadcast is over when you are on the roof dissembling the transmission mast, a ten meter mast on the roof of the building is not easy task, but about a dozen people got it down safely. Now that the studio complex has been restored to somewhat how we found it with Salford University gear using the studio as part of my University course will never feel the same, and I'll sure miss the mini-disc machines.

Want to know more about what's happening at Storm Fm before our next broadcast, than visit Storm Web or keep an eye out for information on this page.