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Broadcasting on 106.2 FM Stereo

'Storm FM' is the name of the award winning student run radio station in Manchester. Run by students from the Manchester and Salford Universities, the station has been on-air for two short term broadcasts, the first of which was during September and October 1997, and once more from February 27th until March 26th 1998.

Storm Fm Studios Sept 97 (Animation)

Radio One Student Radio Station of the Year
About 'Storm Fm'
Getting in touch with 'Storm Fm'
The Phil Edmonds 'Storm Fm' Diary

Award for Storm Fm

Storm Fm was awarded 'Student Radio Station of the Year' in the Radio 1 Student Radio Awards in London in November 1998. All involved with the station conceived three years ago after long negotiations between all four universities in Manchester and Salford, were delighted with the award. However despite this success, it could be some time before the station returns to the airwaves. Station Manager Jon Shipley claims that the University Unions were not keen on the idea of the radio station, "They wanted editorial control without caring what went on the air. If there was profit to be made, they wanted some of it, if there was financial risk, they weren't interested." The station ran into financial difficulties during it's second broadcast, and the key players in the Storm FM saga have moved on into new jobs, and the lack of an established structure means the future is shrouded with uncertainty. But with a prestigious award in the trophy cabinet you never know what will happen, what this space!

With thanks to 'Student Direct' in the research for this feature.

About 'Storm FM'

In a joint venture between Salford University, Manchester University, UMIST and Manchester Metropolitan University the broadcast contained a wide selection of programmes. We broadcast on 106.2FM across Salford and Manchester utilising a 28 day restricted service licenses from 22nd September until 19th October 1997 and from February 27th until March 26th 1998, 24 hours a day. As Manchester and Salford has one of the largest student populations in the country a radio station has been long overdue. Last September Storm Fm broadcast from studios at the Adelphi campus at Salford within the 'Media and Performance' Department, the second broadcast was based in studios within the Manchester University main campus and the different transmitter location improved reception in student residencies in Manchester, however their FM signal was receivable across a wide area. On this page you can read what I got up to at the station for more information and programme listings you should visit the official Storm Fm Web Site.

Getting in touch with Storm Fm.

Now that we have gone off air you can still contact the station, remember the station will be back on air next February. If you received the station from far away please also send in a reception report to the following address.

Telephone :

0161 661 0600

Postal Address:

Storm Fm
PO Box 200
M14 6SF


0161 661 0500


Web Site

The Phil Edmonds Storm Fm Diary.

Storm Fm is back on air from February 27th 1998 bigger and better than before. During the build up to the broadcast and during the actual broadcast you will be able to read what I have been doing, and my thoughts on the station at the time.

Read my own personal views on 'Storm Fm' and find out what I got up to. You can always check out the Storm Fm Web Page to get a better view of what the station is like as an whole, along with programme schedules and the latest news on Storm Fm events and club nights. (It is worth a visit, but then again I would say that as I am one of the web site team!)

Week ending Friday 27th February 1998, Pre-broadcast week.
After over 4 months off air and a brand new studio building in Manchester University Campus. The most noticeable thing about our new home is the rather tasteful pink decor. On a personal note my involvement in the build up to the broadcast was not as involved as the last broadcast. In fact the bulk of my 'Storm Fm' work was done from the comfort of my own home - working on the official Storm Web Site. There was a definite buzz around the studio on Friday with the station launch at 4pm. Having spent several hours around the studios on Friday evening there is a definite good feeling about the broadcast, even if there is the odd technical bug to be ironed out here and there.
Week ending Friday 6th March 1998, Broadcast Week One.
There is nothing like being thrown in at the deep end, now although all the studio equipment we have got is fairly familiar stuff, the layout of the studios was all new to me. That was until I got the chance to get accustomed to the studio - engineering a live programme. But seriously looking back on Monday's 'Andy Gorden Show' minus a certain Andy Gorden, thus me driving the desk was great fun. The majority of my contact with the station this week as again been from afar, as a listener due to the amount of other work I have got on at the moment. From this first weeks broadcast - feedback has been positive and our on-air sound is lot more 'professional' (maybe not the best word) but at least less rough edges than last time.
Week ending Friday 13th March 1998, Broadcast Week Two.
Sitting back and comparing the half way point in this broadcast to the half way point in our first broadcast, the situation seems a lot more 'confortably under control.' You can't see more relaxed as there is always something happening in live radio. The hard work before the broadcast sorting out peoples roles and responsibilities meant that people knew what they had to do and could get on with it. Our on-air sound is now sounding great, and while talking of things working better, I think we have now got the daytime playlist just right. The right balance has just been struck with new stuff not heard elsewhere on the radio and enough popular records mixed in.
Week ending Friday 20th March 1998, Broadcast Week Three.
The timing of the broadcast this time at the last few weeks of term as meant that due to other work, I have not been around the studios as much as I was in the first broadcast. It has meant however that I have been in the position of being able to listen to the programmes from afar, getting a much better idea of what they sound like to the general public. The end of this week sees an ambitious outside broadcast for Storm Fm, with the majority of the weekends shows being broadcast live from 'Hardys Well' in Rusholme. A very adventurous project made possible by the magic of an ISDN line swiftly installed for the purpose.
Week ending Friday 27th March 1998, Broadcast Week Four.
The last week of the broadcast started with the mammoth Outside Broadcast, and overall it went very well. Many of the programmed worked very well. On a technical standpoint, ISDN technology is really quite amazing, and box of tricks with audio in and out and a 'phone' socket and it sounds like you are listening to something in the next room, not a mile down the road. As we started the broadcast on a Friday we were left with the shutdown on a Thursday night at midnight, but that didn't stop people having some fun. And for a second time I missed out on being at the studio for the actual shutdown - but never mind.
Week ending Friday 3rd April 1998, Post Broadcast reflections.
Well now that our second RSL broadcast is finished, and to be honest I haven't spent much time thinking over the broadcast, being so busy doing other things. So just my brief thoughts - although I haven't spent as much time at the station this broadcast as our previous RSL, I'd say that the station has now found it's niche in the market. As for the future plans for the station, I would be nice to be able to operate on a full time basis. There was much quality programming and so much to relive now as for the four weeks we had a video camera at the studios, and my next project is assisting in the post production of 'Storm Fm - The Video' - coming to a screen near you soon...maybe. 

If you wondered what happened to my diary from last time, well it's just hiding here. Want to know more about what's happening at Storm Fm than visit Storm Web or keep an eye out for information on this page.