Seting Up Partnership FM
Setting up an Outside Broadcast From the GMEX Centre.
Salford Lads club station set up
Setting up a tempoary radio studio at the Salford Lad's Club.

Since 2002 I have worked for Manchester based community radio group Radio Regen at their Technician. Radio Regen is a unique urban regeneration scheme where unemployed Mancunians are trained in radio production, enabling them in turn to set up a string of radio stations in their own communities and a chance for the trainees to put their studies into practice.

Until Summer 2012 Radio Regen operated a city centre training centre with two radio studios and computer suites which I looked after, they still continue to operate various Community Media projects.

Radio Regen operated two of the Radio Authorities 'Access Radio' trial stations WFM and ALL FM which where a fundermental part of the introduction of full time Community Radio in the UK.

Both these stations, along with others which Radio Regen helped establish, such as North Manchester FM and Salford City Radio are now operated under their own independent management.

Radio Regen over the years have also run various temporary radio stations included stations in various areas of Salford, Moss Side and Hulme and North Manchester. These stations which I have been involved in the set-up of are listed on my RSL page.