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I have produced a wide range of media productions. Here is a collection of Radio Idents produced for various stations.

Phil's Production Bits - Demo 2004

This page features various audio clips of station idents that I have produced. I try to update this page on a regular basis. Here is a selection of recently produced idents and promotions in my 'Production Bits 2004'.

High Quality
96kps MP3 file. Download for best quality. 2.8MB - ideal for broadband users.
Low Quality
If you're on a dial-up connection choose lower quality MP3 - 728KB

Radio ID Production

Over the years I have produced many radio ID jingles, you can listen to some samples on my web site. Many feature the voice of Liam O'Toole.

Radio Cavell Spring 2003 (1.3MB)
A series of short and long idents in various tempos featuring listener voices.

Here are some promotions produced for Latics Live! in 2003:

5pm Promo (1.8MB)
This promotion is for use at the start of the five o'clock hour of the show and forward promotes the features in this last section of the programme.

Now some older Latics Live! jingles from August 2002:

It's Back! Promotion
All these cuts are from the 'Latics Live 2002 Package' - this is the pre launch promo jingle.
Big Match Build Up Sting
Each segment of the show has a short sting like this one.
Rock and Sport Years Promo
Each week I am producing a series of promotion elements to forward promote programme features.
Rock and Sport Years Sting
Another quick sting.
Tuesday 13th Promo
This promo takes elements from the previous games match commentary and post match interviews.

Phil's Production Bits - Demo September 2002

I have produced a wide variety of audio productions for many radio stations, from station ID's, to promos and audio presentations. You can now hear a six minute montage of some of my favourite 'Production Bits'. Some new and old clips are included and gives an overview of audio I have produced up till September 2002.

High Quality
128kps MP3 file. Download for best quality. 6.4MB - ideal for broadband users.

The Real Audio clips of my older work which used to be featured on my website have now been removed. Examples of these older productions for amonst other Radio Drifield and Goodmayes Hospital Radio will appear on an updated version of this page later in the year.