North East Manchester License Revisted

A long standing feature on my website is a selection of material gathered together in the lead up to the announcement of the successful winners in the North East Manchester Radio Licence. This information was text based a gathered from press articles and internet discussions.

On this new section of my site I am revisiting the series of RSL's which were operated in the run up to this licence application and awards. I have an extensive personal archive of 'off-air' recordings of various of the North East Manchester Restricted Service Licence stations. In this section you can hear some of these recordings.

Oldham FM 105.4FM, June 1995.
Last few links of show up to the 11AM news on a Sunday morning. During this broadcast they broadcast a local news service from Piccadilly radio.
oldhamfmjune95sundaymorning.mp3: 3'02" : 4.2M : 128kps Stereo

Oldham FM 105.4FM, June 1995.
Continuing from the last clip, the advert break out of the 11AM news and weather forecast.
oldhamfmjune95sundaymorningnewsout.mp3 : 1'45" : 2.4M : 128kps Stereo

Oldham FM 105.4FM, Live Lunch, June 1995.
Every weekday lunchtime Oldham FM broadcast a live outside broadcast called 'The Live Lunch'. This clip is from the end of the final Live Lunch of the June 1995 RSL.
oldhamfmjune95livelunch.mp3 : 1'38" : 2.3M : 128kps Stereo

All the audio items on this page are included for review purposes only. If you have any further details which you feel could be added to this page, please get in touch via my contact page.