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Oldham Evening Chronicle 13/5/98: Radio License Bid Wrecked by Gremlins in Computer



Oldham Evening Chronicle 14/5/98: Back Bid For Oldham Fm - Boss


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Radio Authority News Release 12/5/98



Bolton Evening News 4/6/98: Radio Station Bidders Call for Public's Backing


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The Oldham Evening Chronicle Wednesday 13th May 1998, ran this story following the closing date for applications for the North East Manchester Small Scale license:

Promoter devastated as Voice is silenced.

PROMOTER Dave McGealy told of his devastation today after a computer glitch destroyed his bid to win a radio license for Oldham.
The gremlins meant the man behind The Voice of Oldham station could not meet the deadline to hand over his application to the Radio Authority, in London.
With only hours to spare, he discovered that he had lost crucial computer files, which left the application uncompleted.
Mr McGealy contacted the Radio Authority, but officials stuck by the rules which say that they cannot accept any incomplete form.
With his dreams ruined, Mr McGealy said today: "It was a major disaster. It means five years work down the drain. I am total devastated.
"It seems that, at some stage, a file was saved incorrectly on the computer. We only noticed when it was too late.
"We worked through the night to try to rescue the situation, but there were detailed answers missing with information that couldn't just be cobbled together.
"By 9.30 am, yesterday when I had to catch my train to London at 10.30am to make it for the 2 pm deadline, I realised that it was too late."
It is the end of Mr McGealy's "healthy radio" dream for a station rasing £100,000 a year to pay for local community and health projects.
He added: "We have no problem with the Radio Authority. It is a serious business and rules are rules. I fully understand its point of view.
"But I want to apologise to all the people who wrote in support of The Voice of Oldham. I really am sorry that we let them down.
"Obviously, hindsight is a wonderful thing, but if we had started our final preparations two days earlier, we would have had time to recover."

The disaster leaves Oldham FM, backed by the Evening Chronicle and Oldham Chamber, as the only local bid for one of the two licenses up for grabs in north-east Greater Manchester.
Oldham FM's promoter, Liam Forristal, made the deadline in London without hitches, then proclaimed: "We are going to win."
But he had sympathy for The Voice of Oldham. He said: "It is terrible news. The more applications there were from Oldham the better.
"I feel for Dave because I know how much work is involved, and it all hinges on handing your application over in London.
"I found it a terrifying experience. After five years of work, you think of everything that can go wrong until you actually leave those files with the officials."
As well as Oldham FM, six other bids for licenses were received by the Radio Authority - three based in Bolton and Bury, two in Tameside and one in Rochdale.
Radio Authority officials will now sour every line of each of the applications, before announcing their decisions in September.


The Oldham Evening Chronicle on Thursday May 14th 1998 run a sunstantial article about Oldham FM and also listed the other bidders for the license.

Public is urged to write in support.

THE voice behind Oldham FM has called on people to rally round the borough's only chance for a permanent radio license.
Station director Liam Forristal says it is not too late to put pen to paper to try to influence the decision of the Radio Authority.
"If people want a truly local radio station in Oldham, they should get writing," said Liam, who has already run Oldham FM on several 28-day temporary licenses.
"Our application was handed over on Monday, but people can still write in support of our bid, either to me or straight to the Radio Authority."
Local competition for a license ended this week when Dave McGealy's Voice of Oldham station missed the deadline for applications.
But Oldham FM - backed by the Evening Chronicle, Oldham Chamber and UKRD Group - still faces competition from six bidders for two full-time licenses up for grabs.

Three of them a re based in Bolton and plan to broadcast to the Bolton and Bury areas.
* 107.1 BFM promises a local, relevant stimulating and entertaining service, combining news, conversation and familiar, adult, contemporary music aimed at listeners aged 25-54 throughout the Bolton and Bury area.

* Tower FM offers a fresh and full-service local radio station, providing 24-hour entertainment and information aimed at listeners throughout the Bolton and Bury area.

* Variety 107 FM wants a lively and attractive radio service for Bolton and Bury residents of all ages and backgrounds, featuring substantial amounts of news, sport, local information, colourful features and specialist programmes, as well as high-quality popular music from the 1950's to the present.

In Tameside:
* Tame 107 FM promises a truly local station 24 hours a day, with great songs from the 1960s-1990s, local news, and community information for Tameside, Glossop and the surrounding area.

* Knight FM offers a broad, music led station playing a melodic blend of classic adult hits from the 1960s to the present, blended with quality local news, information and entertainment, which will reflect the tastes and wishes of the adult population of Tameside and the surrounding area.

* In Rochdale, Pioneer FM wants to provide a lively and attractive radio service for Rochdale, Middleton and Heywood, featuring news, sport, local information, colourful features and specialist programming, with high quality popular music from the 1960's to the present.

But Liam hopes that Oldham FM can secure one of the "sallies" (small-scale alternative location local licenses) being offered by the Radio Authority.

Oldham FM's bid promises "a truly local, full service radio station" - with a broad mix of adult, contemporary and soft rock hits from the last four decades and emphasis on meaningful local news and sport.
It is the formula which Liam has used for the five temporary, month-long broadcasts which Oldham FM have made since 1994, and they have proved popular and successful.
Liam said: "I would like to think we will win a license and I am confident that we will win a license, but we can't be complacent.
"Obviously , there is some competition from the other bidders, but we have a track record of running a successful operation.
"People who have heard Oldham FM already know that we can make a great job of a radio station in Oldham, so they should let the Radio Authority know.
"Oldham FM can only win if we can convince the Radio Authority that Oldham is a better place for a radio station than Rochdale or Tameside."


After the closing date for application these posts appeared in the news group

From: Liam R O'Toole <--->
Subject: North East Manchester SALLIE
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 22:42:51 +0100
Organization: Witzend Communications & Media Limited

So the closing date has now passed for applications to be in for the North East Manchester SALLIE

From what I can gather there were 7 applications for up to two FM licenses :

Tower FM [Bury/Bolton]
Variety FM [Bolton/Bury]
BFM [Bolton]
Pioneer [Rochdale]
Tameside FM [Ashton]
Oldham FM [Oldham]

and AN Other

The applications are now in the local libraries in the area, for those who wish to read thru the hundreds of pages !

The RA hopefully makes its decision early September.

Good Luck to everyone !


Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 08:17:57 +0100
From: Ray Woodward <--->
Subject: Re: North East Manchester SALLIE

In article <KKn2sBAb50Y1EwMu@--->, Liam R O'Toole
<---> comments ...

>From what I can gather there were 7 applications for up to two FM
>licenses :
>Tower FM [Bury/Bolton]
>Variety FM [Bolton/Bury]
>BFM [Bolton]
>Pioneer [Rochdale]
>Tameside FM [Ashton]
>Oldham FM [Oldham]
>and AN Other

According to this weeks Radio Magazine there were indeed seven
applications :

107.1 [BFM Ltd] - Bolton/Bury

Knight FM [ETR Ltd] - Borough of Tameside and surroundings

Oldham FM Ltd - Oldham Metropolitan Borough and surroundings

Pioneer FM [MRH Ltd] - Rochdale, Middleton and Heywood

Tame 107 [Hits Radio Ltd] - Metropolitan Borough of Tameside, the town
of Glossop and surrounding area

Tower FM Ltd - Bolton/Bury

Variety 107 FM Ltd - Bolton/Bury

My sympathies to all at The Voice of Oldham, who failed to get their
application in on time due to a major computer crash loosing large
chunks of required data for the application :-(




For the full rundown of license applicants this is the Radio Authortiy's Press Release following the closing date for applications on May 12th:


The Radio Authority's closing date for receipt of applications for the new small-scale 'alternative location' Independent Local Radio (ILR) licenses with north/east Greater Manchester was today (12 May). Each license is being offered for small-scale coverage of a location (or contiguous locations) within northern and/or eastern parts of the former metropolitan county of Greater Manchester, comprising the metropolitan boroughs of Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, Oldham and/or Tameside. The Authority anticipates utilising a maximum total of two frequencies for these new small-scale licenses.

Seven applications have been submitted. The details of those applying are listed below, together with a brief outline of each applicant's target coverage area and proposed programme format:

107.1 BFM LTD. - Newspaper House, Churchgate, Bolton BL1 1DE (contact: Tony Dewhurst or Kris Burford, 01942 777666): a local, relevant, stimulating and entertaining service combining news, conversation and familiar adult contemporary music aimed particularly at 25-54 year-olds, in Bolton and Bury;

KNIGHT FM (ETR FM LTD.) - Rose Hill Cottage, Edleston Hall Lane, Ravensmoor, Nantwitch,Cheshire CW5 8PJ (contact: Doug Cresswell, 0161 428 1970; or Geraldine Kayes, 0161 339 7611); a broad music-led station playing a melodic blend of classic adult hits from the 60s through to today, blended with quality local news, information, and entertainment which will reflect the tastes and wishes of the adult population of the Borough of Tameside and its nearby environs;

OLDHAM FM LTD. - P.O. Box 877, Oldham OL8 1US (contact: Liam Forristal, 0161 628 8787; or John Gracie, 0161 620 0006); a truly local 'full service' radio station playing a mix of adult contemporary and soft-rock hits from the past four decades together with the best ballads, soul and love songs, with an emphasis on meaning local news, exciting sports, local views and local entertainment, for Oldham Metropolitan Borough and the surrounding area;

PIONEER FM (MRH LTD.) - drake Street, Rochdale. OL16 1PH (contact: Liz Lynne, 01706 521153, or John Groves, 01706 378700); a lively and attractive radio service for Rochdale, Middleton and Heywood - the three parts of the Rochdale Metropolitan Borough - featuring news, sport, local information, colourful features and specialist programming and high quality popular music from the 60s to the present day;

TAME 107 FM (HITS RADIO LTD.) - Consort Suite, Northern Assurance Buildings, Albert Square, Manchester M2 4DN (contact: Sir David Trippier, R.D., J.P., D.L., 0161 288 2884); a truly local station with great songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, local news a community information for the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside, the town of Glossop, and the surrounding area, 24 hours a day;

TOWER FM LTD. - The Globe Centre, Bridgeman Place, Bolton BL2 1AX (contact: Julian Hotchkiss or Peter Weidenbaum, 0161 764 9992): a fresh and lively, full service local radio station, providing 24-hour entertainment and information aimed primarily at listeners aged 25-54 throughout the Bolton and Bury area;

VARIETY 107 FM LTD. P.O. Box 56, Bury BL8 1FW (contact: Frank White, 01204 308547; or Mark Dodson, 0161 832 7200); a lively and attractive radio service for Bolton and Bury residents of all ages and backgrounds, featuring substantial amounts of news, sport, local information, colourful features and specialist programmes and high quality popular music from the 50s to the present day.

This 'alternative location' (or 'sally') approach has been adopted by the Authority in several areas previously (see Note 1 for a fuller explanation of the 'sally' licensing procedure).

Copies of these applications will be available for public scrutiny in the main public libraries in Bolton (Central Library), Bury (Central Library), Rochdale, Oldham (Reference Library) and Ashton-under-Lyne (Hurst Library), and at the Radio Authority offices in London. The Authority welcomes public comments on the proposals put forward by the applicants, and upon the tastes and requirements of listeners within particular parts of the north/east Greater Manchester area. These should be sent to the Head of Development, Radio Authority, Holbrook House, 14 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5DG, top arrive by 24 August 1998.

The Authority hopes to announce its decision about the award of the licenses in the early autumn.

Notes to Editors:
1. Small-scale 'alternative location' local licenses, often know by the acronym 'sallies', reflect an Authority policy introduced in 1996, whereby the availability of one or more frequencies for a service (or services) for any locality (or in different localities, where more than one frequency is available) within a wider area will be advertised, without specifying which particular locality at the time of the advertisement. It is up to the applicants to decide which locality they wish to serve. This approach is designed to increase the opportunities for prospective operators of small-scale radio services to submit licence applications.

2. The Radio Authority is responsible for licensing and regulating Independent Radio in accordance with statutory requirements of the Broadcasting Acts 1990 and 1996. It plans frequencies, awards licenses, regulates programming and advertising, and plays an active role in the discussion and formalisation of polices which affect the Independent Radio industry and its listeners.


The Bolton Evening News on 4th June 1998 ran this story:


BIDDERS to be Bolton and Bury's newest radio station want public backing to make sure they hit airwaves. The group, 107.1 BFM is one of seven bidding for a licence to broadcast in Bolton and Bury, but their owners, Independent Radio Group Ltd, already run two radio stations in the region. The bid is also being backed by Newsquest plc, owners of the Bolton Evening News.
Now The Radio Authority, who award the broadcast licences, are inviting comment from the people of the area on whether they think BFM's bid could operate against the public interest. IRG run two other local stations, Lite AM in Greater Manchester and Wire FM in Warrington. Under the provisions of the Broadcasting Act 1996, a company cannot own three overlapping radio services unless the Authority can determine that the proposed station would not operate against public interest.
The radio authority want you to write in with your comments considering these following questions:
IF the licence were awarded to 107.1 BFM Ltd, would it lead to a reduction in plurality of ownership in independent local radio services in the area?;
WOULD there be an effect on the range of programme available on independent radio in the area?;
WOULD there be less diversity in the sources of information available in the area; or
LESS diversity in the sources of opinions expressed on the radio in the area?
Please send your comments in writing to the Licensing Officer, The Radio Authority, Holbrook House, 14 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DG, to arrive no later than Thursday, July 2.


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