The field of Radio is one which I spend much time, both in a professional and amateur capacity. In this section you will find various information about my experiences and interests. Some of the information on this site has been on-line for a long time, and has deliberately been left on-line for reference. Please refer to the 'date last updated' note in the header.

Radio Experience

Radio Experience
In effect an online CV of my radio experience. Details of the various radio groups i am involved with. From this page there is links to information about some of the stations past and present.


I have been involved with dozens of Restricticed Service Licence stations since 1994. This page lists them and gives links to further details.


Air Checks
Currently a very small section, containing some digital copies taken from my large collecting of cassettes and mini-disc off-air recordings, old and new local and foreign.


Audio Production
I have produced a wide range of idents and audio promotions for radio stations, often working with Manchester based voice artist Liam O'Toole.


In my 'From the Archive' section is a selection of information which has been on my website for a long period of time, these pages are not being actively updated. They are still on-line to provide an interesting insight into the past and to provide a reference source. In some cases the page as been inserted in the current site design 'template' but the content is as originally published on this site.

Radio Cavell

Radio Cavell and the BT Hospital Radio Awards
Oldham's Hospital Radio Cavell where judged 'UK Station of the Year', and in previous years 'Best in Region', read about my role in making this possible.


North East Manchester License
In September 1998 The Radio Authority announced the award of two full time broadcasting licenses for NE Manchester area. In the run up to this I compiled a selection of relevant information.

North East Manchester Licence revisted

North East Manchester Licence Revisited
In September 1998 The Radio Authority announced the award of licences to 'Tower FM' and 'The Revolution'. In the run up to advertising of the North East Manchester 'SALLIE' licence, various groups operated a series of RSL's. In this new section I will be including some of my archive recordings of these stations. This section compliments the 'North East Manchester License'.

Radio Cavell

Radio Cavell: NHS 50th Anniversary Broadcast
To mark the anniversary the Hospital Radio station has obtained a Restricted Service Licence to broadcast to Oldham over a long weekend up to 'NHS Day' on July 5th 1998.

Voice Of Oldham

The Voice Of Oldham
Oldham's own community radio station was on air at Christmas 1996 and June 1997, my extensive section charts my involvement with the station and my programmes.

Storm FM

Storm FM
Manchester's Student run radio station was on air in September 1997 and again in March 1998, read about my role at the station and the previous broadcast.