Extreme FM LogoProbably my most adventurous broadcasting venture to date. I am a director of Extreme FM Limited, a company formed to develop some innovative ideas in the field of radio. We operated an RSL broadcast in East Manchester in October 2001. As well as presenting the weekend breakfast show I was in charge of Technical and Internet matters.

The whole project is currently 'on-hold' as at the present moment in time there are only very limited opportunities for the project to progress. Many of the extreme fm radio project team are currently working on various other music, radio and internet projects.

Random Memorabilia


I've got a collection of various bits and pieces from the project. Mainly of interest to those involved. Here are a few random pictures that I am found:


The station also had a webcam set-up. Unfortunately most of the pictures taken have disappeared into digital heaven.

But I did find a few saved on my hard drive which are reproduced here. I do remember saving some random other pictures from the webcam, which I think must be on one of my back-up CD's somewhere. If i ever come across them I'll add them to this page.


Again as this is just a random selection of bits and pieces from the broadcast I only have a couple of bits of audio.

extreme fm Sting - A short sting, our jingle package was produced by Steve England. In this example we have added our own voiceover.

Station Launch - A clip which was on the old extreme fm website.

extreme fm audio presentation - the promo used as part of our media pack CD package and also used on-air during our pre-launch test transmission. I produced this audio presentation.


More memories will be added when i get the chance, but it could be a while before I get round to it.