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Radio Cavell 1566AM 50th Anniversray of the NHS

The Photo Album

Here's your chance to take a look behind the scenes at Radio Cavell, with a selection of pictures from my photo album. This page contains better quality copies of the pictures in the animated gallery on the main Radio Cavell page, and some others. Please be patient while they all download.

Dave McGealy in studio Phil Edmonds in studio

Radio Cavell's Broadcast Manager Dave McGealy behind the mike. All ready to take to the air at midnight on July 2nd, and launch the Restricted Service Broadcast.

Yours truly, sat at the mike in Studio One, ready to be joined by Paul Hollingworth on Sunday afternoon's coverage of the Hospital Open Day.

Paul Hollingworth Chris Mylett

Who's photographing who? It's Paul Hollingworth taking a snap off....well Studio Two actually, maybe he was taking the open day idea a little too far.

Cavell's Childrens show presenter Chris Mylett caught in a less hectic moment on Saturday evening taking a trip through the past 50 years in music and news stories.

John Mann

Choosing music from the past 50 years was a difficult enough task, without John Mann dragging Scottish music out of the record library - now I'm sure that one wasn't on the playlist.

Tx tx2

Not the most interesting of constructions, but the transmitter mast in the grounds of the Royal Oldham Hospital is maybe one of the most important pieces of equipment for the broadcast.

Located in a secure enclosure, our affectionally known 'Transmitter Hut' houses all the technical qubbins (otherwise known as a Radica AM transmitter) which sits on the end of the landline from the studios and puts us 'on-air.'

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