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Radio Cavell 1566AM 50th Anniversray of the NHS

A very special radio event took to the airwaves of Oldham at the beginning of July 1998. Operating for four days under a Restricted Service License, to mark the special event, which is the 50th anniversary of the National Health Service. Read all about the station and the things we broadcast, and as ever my own personal views on the broadcast.

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About the Broadcast
Getting in touch with 'Radio Cavell 1566AM'
Broadcast Report

About the Broadcast

Since this special broadcast in July 1998, major developments have occurred at Radio Cavell, with the granting of a Radio Authority 'Low Powered AM License' which allows the station to broadcast to the Royal Oldham Hospital site on a low powered medium wave transmitter on 1350 kHz AM, this is essentially different to the previous medium wave broadcasts as we are unable to acknowledge on-air any listeners outside our 'service area' which is the hospital site. Details of current Radio Cavell activities will be posted on the stations website.

However this page looks at the 'traditional type' RSL broadcast we operated in summer 1998.

From the 2nd till 5th of July 1998, 24 hours a day broadcasting on 1566AM, to Oldham and the surrounding areas, along with the 'hard wired' bed side radio service in the Royal Oldham Hospital. There was coverage of the events happening in Oldham over the Anniversary weekend. Along with programmes taking a look back over the past 50 years, playing music from each year, look at the differences between then and now and and peoples memories of the 50 years of the National Health Service.

There was a chance to sample the programmes that made Radio Cavell the award winning Hospital Radio Station in the North West and the Midlands. The weekend concluded with a hospital open day on July 5th, and Radio Cavell was no exception, with a chance for visitors to come and look round our studio complex.

Getting in touch with 'Radio Cavell'

The following are contact details for the station:

Telephone :

0161 620 3033 (24 hours)

Postal Address:

Radio Cavell, The Studios,
The Royal Oldham Hospital,
Rochdale Road,
Oldham. OL1 2JH


0161 627 8355

If you received our broadcast from afar, then please send all reception reports to Alan Gale, who can be contacted at the following e-mail address:

If you have been listening to our current 'low powered' AM service on 1350AM, then feel free to send us a reception report. Look out for more information about this development on Radio Cavell's web site.

The Sounds from the Broadcast

While you read my overview of the broadcast below, take a few moments to listen to some extracts from the broadcast. All the clips are in RealAudio format.

RealAudio Extracts from the broadcast.

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(c) Radio Cavell 1998

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NHS 50th Anniversary Broadcast Promotion Jingle
What, where, why and when - what more could you ask for!

Download the Real Audio First, then listen. (Save file to disc)

Listen here

Just for the jingle enthusiasts amongst us, a small sample of the jingles produced by me for the broadcast.

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The Broadcast Report

Now that the broadcast has finished and we have had time to reflect over the events of the weekend, on the whole we can say that it was a success. Of course there was the odd mistake made, by both our experienced and novice presenters, however we achieved our aim in making the 50th Anniversary of the National Health Service special in Oldham.

I personally clocked up over eleven hours 'on-air' over the four days, producing some very demanding radio. Taking a look at each decade from the past 50 years, with music, news stories and relevant health stories. Why don't you listen for your self to some of the samples above, and of course for the 'behind the scenes' view, there is the animated gallery at the top of the page, or open the photo album.

The programmes taking the form of a rolling 'through the decades' format. Each cycle featured records, news stories and events from the National Health Service from a year from each of the last five decades. We also had interviews with various people recalling their memories of the NHS, including Mrs Mary Firth, Chairman of Oldham NHS Trust and local MP's Phil Woolas and Michael Meacher. Radio Cavell's nightly visitor request programme was broadcast nightly at nine o'clock throughout the broadcast. Also the 'Sunday Spectacular' our ever popular programme for the children in the hospital was very successful.

I personally presented a number of general programmes along with the broadcast of my regular Hospital Radio programme 'The Sunday Night Request Show' plus I also finished up 'standing in' for the Saturday Request programme. There was a fair amount of hard work in preparation for the broadcast, in particular researching information and assisting drawing up the playlist. The highlight probably was the Hospital Open Day. It might not have been as busy as I had expected, but enjoyed linking the studio end of the programme, with our roving reporters bringing back interviews from the various departments of the hospital.