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Radio Cavell have won many awards over the past decade. These pages has some details on the awards from a personal view point. More in depth information is avilable at the Radio Cavell web site. In the year 2001 BT Hospital Radio awards Oldham's Radio Cavell were judged as the 'Best in the North', where as in the year 2000 the station won the:

UK Station of the Year Gold Award Winner

The station has a good record of success in these awards, with previously winning regional prizes. I produced the entry tape- a 15 minute documentary about the station. Which saw me sifting through hours of recordings of Radio Cavell programmes, from the daily request programmes, through regular sport and specialist interest programmes to special events and outside broadcasts. This is all held together with a voice-over from Liam O'Toole. If you want to listen to this tape, you can do so on-line at Radio Cavell's website, along with the full story from the 2001 awards.

Following this there has been a selection of publicity regarding our award in the local press, and I also featured in a short story on our local commercial station The Revolution's 'Live at Six' news magazine programme. You can listen to this in a MP3 audio clip by clicking on the radio below:

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The Revolution's News Reort : MP3 : File size - 528K

Radio Cavell Awards 1999

DaveMcGealy, Liam O'Toole and Jeremy Beadle

In 1999 we received a 'Best In The Region Award' for our entry. Pictured here are Radio Cavell's Chairman Dave McGealy and Liam O'Toole are being presented the award by Jeremy Beadle at the Hospital Broadcasting Association's Spring Conference held in Coventry on Saturday 17th April 1999.

Take a listen to some short extracts from the tape below

Extract from Radio Cavell Station of the Year Entry 1999:

Listen on-line, with streaming Real Audio. (Plays while downloading.)

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