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A nice 'little project' I started working on about 18 months ago was transferring some of my collection of cassettes of radio recordings onto CD. I've not got through my vast collection a a great speed. The aim of this page is to make available some of my material which I think might be of interest to a wider audience.

So if you're a trainee 'radio anorak' or a long standing 'enthusiast' this will be the page for you. From US radio, old UK radio and jingles this promises to be a feast of air check delights.

New additions are marked (NEW) to help you spot them!

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The Revolution Logo

To start of this collection of air-checks, we'll start with my 'local ILR' station 96.2 The Revolution, and not just any aircheck, because it is my moment of fame on 'Live at Six'.

Download: Phil on the Rev : 38 seconds : 528K : 96kps MP3s

From the same date, 17/8/00 here's part of Kev McLean drivetime show, linking into 'Live at Six'.

Download: The Revolution 17-08-00 : 2'06" : 1.3MB : 96kps MP3s

Media UK Logo

The forums are a familiar place to both radio professionals and enthusiasts.
Recently in the 'Jingle Talk' forum there was a thread were people could post links to their 'Top 10' Jingles. See the thread here. My Top 10 features jingles and idents from Key 103, Greg Burns (MFM), Medway FM, Piccadilly Radio, Capital FM, The Superstation, WBLI (cos I couldn't find my copy of the MFM re-sing from this Jam 'Laser Image' package!), Metro FM, Extreme Fm and finally a PAMS classic jingle.

Download: Phil's Top 10 Jingles: 3'41" : 2.7MB : 96kps MP3

MFM Logo

Now some material from my old tape recordings. MFM in the early 90's featured many great DJ's, many of which where given their first chance on air on MFM. Here are some clips from 1993 of MFM.

Download: Phil Roberts Sunday Morning Aircheck: 26" : 348K : 96kps MP3

Download: Phil Roberts trails the Peter Morgan Show: 39" : 508K : 96kps MP3

Download: Darren Daily Weather Report: 37" : 324K : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

Rock FM Logo

Rock FM in the early 90's was critically acclaimed as a top CHR formatted station.

Here are a couple of clips, also dating from 1993.

Download: Rob Charles reads the weather: 25" : 328K : 96kps MP3

Download: Mike Toolan with the weather: 20" : 264K : 96kps MP3

More from Mike Toolan, firstly a clip from his midmorning show on Rock FM. Secondly from his 'Toolanised' wind-up phone call feature. This one being a Christmas special where Mike was on the receiving end. Thirdly a compilation of 'the Best Of Toolanised'

Download: Mike Toolan takes phone calls 14 July 1994 : 2:12" : 1.3MB : 96kps MP3

Download: Mike Toolan 'Toolanised' : 5'02" : 3.1MB: 96kps MP3

Download: Mike Toolan 'Toolanised' : 7'48" : 5.3MB: 96kps MP3

Again in Christmas 1993, Rob Charles interviews Mr Blooby as part of his "Suss the stars stars" feature.

Download: Rob Charles Interviews Mr Blobby Xmas 1993 : 3:33" : 2.3MB : 96kps MP3

From the same era, a customised version of the Top Of Hour Jingle with Dr Fox introducing the Pepsi Chart Show:

Download: Dr Fox Rock FM chart Intro - 1994 : 19" : 232K : 96kps MP3

Key 103 Logo

Piccadilly Key 103 featured Steve Penk on breakfast.

Download: Steve Penk News In and Out in 1993: 44" : 584K : 96kps MP3

City FM Logo

From a similar era as the above clips, the opening link from the final 'Nescafe Network Chart Show' presented by David 'Kid' Jenson. Here record from Liverpool's City FM, who opted out of the Network chart opening jingle in favour of their own Station ID.

Download: Last David 'Kid' Jenson Network Chart : 29 seconds : 380K : 96kps MP3s

From 1993 here are a couple of links from around the news.

Download: News and Weather 1993: 45 seconds : 532K : 96kps MP3s (NEW)

Download: Brian Moore : 34 seconds : 444K : 96kps MP3s (NEW)

Calderdale Sound

Calderdale Sound ran several RSL's in the 90's. Here is a few of their adverts voiced by Liam O'Toole. Appologies for the poor cassette quality.

Download: CSR Adverts: 58" : 558K : 96kps MP3

Piccadilly Radio Logo

A few collectors items from the early to mid 1980's from Manchester's Piccadilly Radio. In the mid 80's Piccadilly Radio donated a stack of used carts to the Hospital Radio Station in Oldham. These are some of the surviving original recording that I made dubs of before the carts along with the rest of the stations carts got put into storage when we stopped using carts.

Download: Nobody does it better Ident: 8" : 48K : 50kps mono MP3

Download: 261 Sting : 22" : 140K : 50kps mono MP3

Download: 24 hr Stereo Music Jingle : 12" : 84K : 50kps mono MP3

Download: Heart that beats Jingle : 16" : 100K : 50kps mono MP3

Download: Put some more Wood on the wireless Ident : 8" : 56K : 50kps mono MP3

Download: 'The Engineering Cart' : 1'15" : 464K : 50kps mono MP3

Download: Steve Penk Magic Music Promo : 36" : 228K : 50kps mono MP3

Capital FM Logo

In the summer of 1994 I was in the South East and made some recordings of various radio stations.

First up Capital FM, recordings from August 1994

Download: Network Chart Promo + Chris Tarrent on Breakfast: 49" : 588K : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

Download: Afternoon Show: 10" : 128K : 96kps MP3(NEW)

Invicta FM Logo

Invicta FM clips from August 1994.

Download: In and out of News: 59" : 704K : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

Download: Station Ident: 17" : 209K : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

Download: Richard Porter Ident: 5" : 72K : 96kps MP3(NEW)

Essex FM Logo

Essex FM clips from August 1994, featuring jingles and promotions as well as presenter links.

Download: Chris Best Show Aircheck : 1'40" : 1.1MB : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

Download: Chris Best - Top Ten at Ten : 47" : 558K : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

Download: Chris Best - Top Ten at Ten continued : 2'00" :1.3MB : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

Download: Chris Best - Final Link Top Ten at Ten : '35" :1MB : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

Piccadilly Gold

From 1993 - Phil Wood reads the weather

Download: Piccadilly Gold - Phil Wood: 22" :272K : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

Atlantic 252 Logo

A very short clip of a station promo broadcast in 1993.

Download: Atlantic 252 - 1993 34" : 412K : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

Fortune 1458 Logo

From 1993 - the end of the news, weather forecast and jingle

Download: Fortune 1458AM - 1993 30" : 360K : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

Kiis FM Logo

Another clip from the early 90's, this time stateside. This clip, probably dating from 1993 is of LA's legendary Kiis FM. The recording comes from a Manchester based unlicenced broadcaster who played this on air.

Download: Kiis Fm early 90's - 1'24" : 996K : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

Soul Nation

Next we continue on the theme of 'unlicenced broadcasters' with a selection of clips from Soul Nation 104.6FM in 1993.

Download: Soul Nation 1993 - 44" : 532K : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

Super Station

Not to be confused with the ILR overnight service from a few years earlier, The Super Station 97.7 ran several broadcasts, mainly at weekends across Manchester.
First up a clip from 4th June 1994.

Download: Superstation 1994 - 1'16" : 896K : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

A clip possibily from 1993 with an unknown presenter.

Download: Superstation 1994 - 21" : 252K : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

A montage of Super Station jingles that I put together to share with members of Media UK forums.

Download: Superstation Jingles- 4'03" : 2.7MB : 96kps MP3 (NEW)

All the audio items on this page are included for review purposes only.