This web site features a vareity of audio clips which are in the Real Audio format. One of the popular formats for audio on the internet.

What's the differnence between the Streaming RealAudio and download links?

If you click on the link to the streaming audio then playback will start soon after, while the data continues to download in the background, but if net traffic is busy then you may have to wait a while, and the audio can 'stall' as your computer runs out of data and has to wait for more to get through. Clicking on the 'download first' is a link to the actual RealAudio files, so you will have to wait for it to completely download and will be saved to your hard disc.

Software requirements.

Obviously you need a computer with sound capabilities and then you need the 'REAL PLAYER' there are versions for both Macintosh and Windows. All my sound files are encoded with a RealAudio 3.0 codec. You can down load it from the Progressive Networks web page at for free.

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