Note added 17th June 2012: This page has not been updated since 2003, it doesn't serve a very useful purpose at the moment, but there is no harm in leaving it on-line. If you are interested in some of my photography, perhaps visit my flickr page.


My home town is Oldham, situated to the North East of Manchester, UK.

George Street

A 'funky' picture from taken from the Spindles Shopping Centre Car Park.

Way back in time, well in 1998 many people in Oldham had never heard of the internet, there where only a hand full of web sites about the town. However it would also be true to say that those people who were surfing the net had never heard of Oldham. This was the inspiration for this page.

So back in those early days you'd find my review of Oldham websites.

By the time I came to redesign mysite in 2001 I realalised that my list of links was not only out of date, but superseded by other resources, such as the useful links page on the Oldham Chronicle web site. So this page bit the dust and got replaced with a not very interesting holding page telling you that I'd soon be updating this page.

So it was until the summer of 2003 that I decided to bring new life to the page. So by way of bring you a potted history of this page, it is really just a long winded way of saying 'here some photos of the town'.

Oldham Parish church Manchester Chambers
Oldham Parish Church and The Greeves Arms The Shopping Centre and Manchester Chambers
Oldham Civic Centre


These are just a taster of a new feature which I will be devloping over the summer of 2003. A on-line photo gallery of various landmarks around the town.

Look out for this on-line tour later in the year.


The New Bus station and the Civic Centre