I have been working on on-line projects for over 15 years, ranging from my first forays into hand HTML coding in 1997 in the first incarnation of the "Phil Edmonds' Home Page" hosted on geocities (elements from the content of this site live on to today in this site archive materials), through many other projects.

My current main area of interest is centered around PHP programming and development 'back end' systems and Wordpress development, rather than the graphic design element of webpage design.

I have created a number of web projects, including the use of HTML, PHP, JavaScript, RealAudio, MP3 streaming, QuickTime and integration with social media.

Below is highlighted a selection of the web projects I have been involved with. Where possible I have included links to the site, although in some cases the current site may have changed since my main involvement.

Phil.Edmonds.net Screen capture


My own website, cronicalling various personal and professional work, currently on 'design 3' following a change in focus of site to an archive of previous projects and basic information about myself, with more dynamic updated content on my Blog site at philedmonds.com
The site consists of mainly static html pages, historically created in 'Claris Home Page' on MacOS 8 and early versions of Dreamweaver on MacOS. Recent versions edited by hand with Notepad++.
The site still includes some legacy RealAudio audio clips.

PhilEdmonds.com screen capture


This is a Wordpress powered blog, running a customised version of a GPL licenced wordpress theme.
This site aims to give me a platform to share various information and to publish more editorial pieces on subjects that interest me, it also acts as a value space to experiment with Wordpress development on a low traffic site.

Legacy Phil Edmonds domain pages

Legacy Phil Edmonds domain pages - www.philedmonds.com - www.philedmonds.net - www.philedmonds.info

No longer on-line, in the past in order to make use of the various domain names featuring my name I owned, I created a series of one page portals linking to various sites I have been involved with.

The aim was to direct visitors to various sites of interest to them. Currently the dot com variant hosts my Blog site, with the others not in use.

Oldham Community Radio Site Screen capture


A reasonably complex Wordpress powered site for a Community Radio station. I created a custom wordpress theme for this site, which kept the general look and feel of the previous static site designed by a third party. The site incorporate several special backend processes, including a custom dynamic now playing and schedule display script and in depth integration with the stations Myriad playout software to display current items and to post programme playlists to the site. .

all fm radio player console Screen Grab

www.allfm.org - UK Radio Player Console

I developed the custom content elements of Community Radio stations 'Radio Player' console. The underlying functionality of the player and search elements was developed by and used under licence from UK Radio Player, I integrated the 'station content' section of the radio player.

I am also responsible for technical maintenance of the allfm.org site and integration with the stations other systems, although the design of the site was carried out by a third party.

WFM Site Screen Grab

I am currently maintaining the Wythenshawe FM website on a part time basis. This is a Wordpress powered site, the development of this current version of the website was a collaboration between myself and several others.

Radio Regen Site Screen Grab

Radio Regen previous site Screen Grab


The current Radio Regen website is a basic wordpress site that I currently maintain, although was set-up by someone else.

The current website is the forth redesign of the site since it's launch in 1999, and I have been involved in many updates to these. The second screen capture to the left shows the second major re-design in 2003 which I was responsible for.

Radio Cavell Site Screen Grab


I designed the Radio Cavell website in the early 2000's. It features a variety of information and news stories about the station and a number of streaming audio examples.

Community Fm Site Screen Grab


I created the current site to support the "community fm" series of conferences. Previous to this the site ran a proprietary Content Management System created by a third party, this site was created as a basic site to hold information about the, at the time, current conference event and to hold archive materials from previous events.

Moss Side FM Site Screen Grab

I co-created a small page for this RSL broadcast in 2003.
This site is no longer on-line.

Storm FM Site Screen Grab

I co-created the Web Site for the Manchester Student Run Radio station 'Storm FM' in 1997. Interestingly as at the time low resolution displays on Windows 3.1 operating system was the standard University of Salford desktop system, so a 'basic' as well as an 'enhanced' versions of the website were built to accommodate these users.
This site is no longer on-line.

Extreme FM Site Screen Grab

Another radio station site for Extreme FM. This site made use of a dynamic database driven system. However currently the site has been replaced with a simple holding page as the project is not currently active.

If you are interested in further information, or think I could help with a project of yours please contact me.