By way of introduction - I'm Phil Edmonds, man of technical things, occasional presenter and producer at many a small radio station, along with many other things.

This is Phil Edmonds Web Site v3. On the 30th May 1997 I uploaded the first version of this site, which I entitled 'The Phil Edmonds Home Page' hosted on Geocities, in the days before Yahoo owned them and your site had a massive URL. I redesigned this site in 2001, then after a period of lack of updates and technical issues with my hosting provider I changed the site design again thus this more current look which I introduced in 2010.


Out Of Date Content Warning!

Phil Edmonds Don't let the new look fool you. Most of the content on this site the site hasn't significantly changed since 2004 - see the date updated stamp at the top of each page before you take any items as being current.

I've been tweaking the layout of some of the content, and there may be some broken links and images.

The aim is to leave this site as mainly an archive collection of past bits and pieces, and now that most people have broadband rather than dial-up connections I will slowly update some of the multimedia on this site.

For more current information vist www.philedmonds.com for my Blog with "regular-ish" updates on various topics.

Save your self the bother seraching for me on Facebook - as I don't use it, but may be found in a very low key way on some other networks.